DUI Avoidance Towing

Towing Jax is pleased to announce our “DUI Avoidance” towing program!


The “DUI Avoidance” towing program offered by Towing Jax gives a safe way for Jacksonville drivers to get home, without fear of a DUI conviction.

The process is simple:
Call Towing Jax,  and we will pick-up you and your vehicle up and tow it safely to your destination when you’re ready to return home. It’s that easy! Passengers will ride in the comfort of one of our tow trucks, whilst your vehicle is being safely towed home for one flat rate!

Avoid the inconvenience of having to pick your car up the next day. Even more importantly, take care of yourself and others – avoid a ticket, jail time after being charged with a DUI.

Why spend money on a cab ride home, only for you to have to deal with the hassle of picking up your car the next day; when for around the same fee, Towing Jax can tow you AND your car home!

The next time you have had one two many to drink, give us a call at 904 274 4055